Write to remember

Earlier this year, I set myself a goal to write weekly. Embarrassingly, after 38 weeks, I have written 7 posts.

When I was writing this post, I read some of my previous posts. It was a nice walk down memory lane. I was reminded of my 30-in30 day writing challenge, my first week in London for my internship with Kayako and the internship itself. I wrote about my experiences and the lessons I’ve learnt. I could feel I’ve grown quite a bit since then. Reading all those posts made me wish I had written more since then. But, any reasons I come up with about why I didn’t would likely be an excuse so I’ll skip that. For now, I’m just excited to write again.

I want to write to become better at writing and expressing myself, to document what I have learnt and to share the lessons with others. I want to write because the act of writing makes me sit down and think, because it helps me reflect and think better and because it helps me grow. I want to write so I can look back next time and see how much I’ve grown. Above all, I want to write so I can remember how I was thinking about things at various points in my life and career. I want to write so I won’t forget.

(And I wrote this to remind myself why I want to pick up writing again.)

  • Alfred, first time to your blog and liked the clean style, well done.

    To be persistent with writing is a task and a half and you need a mindset and persistent effort to make it your habit. I am in the process of building this habit but do get sidetracked frequently. I have set myself a target of writing 750 words every day no matter what. Even if I have no topic, just write and keep storing your writing somewhere. You will find these half-baked writing articles important in plugging your content gap and publishing as blog posts.

    Good luck and nice article. Sweet and short with an important message.

    • Hi @reasontouse:disqus, so sorry for the delayed reply!

      First off, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment on my post. I really appreciate it. 🙂

      You put that really well! I agree that making it a habit requires quite a bit of effort.

      Cool! I have been doing that too. I’m using 750words.com. Are you using that too? How is it going for you?

      Oh, that’s a great point, and I’m glad you mentioned that. Maybe I should look through my previous drafts, refine, and publish them 🙂

      Thanks again, Ahmad. 🙂

      • I don’t use 750 words but on the same theme, I try to write regularly for my own blog. It never finishes :)) we are like content machines when we are bloggers.

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