This weekend, some of my close friends came over to my place for a Chinese New Year gathering. Apart from the dinner on Friday night, they had also planned a day trip to Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday. Being quite a workaholic, I told them that I had to catch up with my studies and work so I wouldn’t join them.

Thankfully, I eventually decided to join them and had an amazing time exploring Shakespeare’s birth town with them.

I was reminded of a post by Jason Zimdars of Basecamp and especially this sentence:

You won’t remember working a little later or catching up on Saturday because the people you love interrupted you but you’re certain to remember those little interactions.

I didn’t manage to catch up on the things I planned and I’ll have to work harder some other time to do so. However, I did catch up with friends whom I have known for 11 years (I’m only 23!) but not met for a while because we are all busy with our own lives.

As the quote suggests, I won’t remember having to work a little more because my friends “interrupted” me, but I’ll certainly remember this weekend I spent with them – talking till 5 in the morning, sleeping for a few hours and heading out for a day trip.

Thanks, guys!

My 7 brothers and I